Fixtures 2005-06

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IFA League, Cup & Friendlies
6/8/05HStirling Albion9-0
20/8/05HSt Mirrenoff (friendly)1-1
27/8/05HRaith Rovers6-1
24/9/05HPSJ (St Johnstone)3-0
10/12/05HErin Hibs (League and Cup)4-0
25/2/06AReal Maroon (League and Cup)5-2
18/3/06AFir Park Corner (Motherwell)1-0
2/4/06AStirling Albion (IFA Cup)1-2
9/4/06HVale of Leven7-2
15/4/06HFir Park Corner (Motherwell)4-4
4/6/06AVale of Leven8-1
11/6/06HInter MaLamb (Aberdeen)-
Scottish Supporters' League D2
25/9/ (Partick Thistle)6-0
2/10/05HHamilton Accies5-0
9/10/05AAirdrie United4-1
16/10/05ASandbank Rangers2-0
13/11/05HWell Trust (Motherwell)2-1
27/11/05AQueen's Park2-1
4/12/05AKerrydale St Celtic1-3
11/12/05ASt Mirrenoff (also IFA)4-1
15/1/06HSandbank Rangers4-1
22/1/06HAirdrie United5-3
5/2/ (Partick Thistle)2-1
12/2/06AWell Trust (Motherwell)4-2
26/3/06HSt Mirrenoff6-2
30/4/06HKerrydale St Celtic *2-2
14/5/06HQueen's Park6-1
28/5/06AHamilton Accies4-3
* - Sparta Jag wins SSL Division Two title
Scottish Supporters' League Cup
4/9/05HAirdrie United8-3
11/9/ (Partick Thistle)7-2
6/11/05HLinnvale Clydebank2-0
26/2/06-Morton3-3 (8-9 pens)
Scottish Supporters' League Scottish Sunday Trophy
18/9/05AKAFC The Alton4-1
SSL League Cup
19/3/06HQueen's Park4-2

Scottish Supporters' League Cup
Section 3
1.Sparta Jag330016:5 6*
2.Airdrie United32018:96
* - 3 points deducted

Top Scorers (IFA)
Ross Ferguson12
Charlie Kirkwood6
James Taylor5
Ruairidh Grenfell3
Kenny Montgomery3
Robert Stirling3
Chris Collins2
Joe Condron2
Ryan Doyle2
A Giannini2
Stephen Giannini2
James Hamilton2
Andy McIntyre2
David Anderson1
Gordon Burnside1
Paul Duncan1
Alan Maxwell1
Martin Polowski1
C Stephenson1
own goals3
Top Scorers (SSL)
Robert Stirling19
Andy McIntyre11
David Anderson10
Chris Collins10
Stephen Giannini8*
Gordon Burnside5
Charlie Kirkwood5
Ruairidh Grenfell4
James Taylor4*
Marcos Aranda2
Richie Clark2*
Ross Ferguson2
James Hamilton2*
Kenny Montgomery2
Alan Maxwell1
Steven Samson1
own goals1
* - one goal also counted for IFA

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